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So this is my homepage

I want this site to be the ultra-hub of all of my activities and access points to the internet! This homepage will also be my kickstarter to the real matter of maintaining a website.

What do I want to achieve?

I want this website to be the center of my business activity. Additionally, I want to be able to branch out from Erty's server to have my own, and manage my own websites with no middle-man.

Basic Biographical Information

Your Academic Interest

My primary reason for coming to school is to gather proficent experience in the departments of english and computer science. With these skills I want to become a video game designer. I used to be a computer science major, but I soon realized that I did not want the entire package. Therefore, I switched to english, as the skills of literary anaylsis will serve me well as a game writer. I do still take class here and there in the computer science department, but as of now I am an english major. Along with that I am also interested in departments such as art, psychology, and anthropogy.

What I hope to learn in this course

I have worked with web client programming for a number of years now, but I still struggle with many areas. I primaryly am taking this class to become more proficent at HTML, CSS, Java, and JavaScript programming. Furthermore, I want to learn how to think like a programmer.

Fun Facts

Change Log

Feb. 3rd

So what's the next goal?

I want to get some more information on this website, and to plan what info will go on it. After a fair amount of info is on this website, I will style it before makig more dynamic controls and style options.

The time has now come to put down the code, and pick up the pencil and paper. Plan out this website and make it yours.